You’ve always wanted a backyard swimming pool, but worried about all the upkeep and energy it takes. Well, now you can have an energy efficient pool that has less impact on the environment, less maintenance, and even cost less.

Swimming pools add significant value to your home, making it a great investment for your mind, body, and wallet.

Easy Ways to Enjoy an Energy Efficient Swimming Pool

Choosing a Finish 

358A dark finish on your swimming pool will naturally absorb the light and heat from the sun. This will increase the temperature of the water and you won’t have the added cost of a heater. This way can enjoy your pool even in the cooler months.

Energy Star Certified Pool Pump

To save the most money choose a variable speed, Energy Star pool pump. Variable speed pumps work only as hard as you need them to and have a longer lifespan. When compared to other types of pumps, it can save over $200.

Pool Cleaning System

When things are regularly maintained and cleaned, they work more efficiently. When the pool cleaning system is damaged or dirty, it will have to work twice as hard to do the same job.

As a leader in the industry, Dreamscapes Pools and Spas has helped many homeowners build the backyard paradise of their dreams, without costing an arm and a leg. Energy efficient swimming pools are easier on the environment and the wallet.

We will be happy to walk you through all the steps of swimming pool construction. We have the newest 3D technology, so you can easily visualize what your new swimming pool will look like. This way you can be sure it meets all your needs and expectations. We can guide you through the latest energy efficient amenities and equipment.

If you’re ready to dive into your new swimming pool, contact Dreamscapes Pools and Spas for more information.