Have you always dreamed of a swimming pool in our Central Florida Home. Now is the time to take action. Let the award winning design team at Dreamscapes Pools and Spas help you create the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted.

Not sure what goes into creating the perfect swimming pool paradise, here are a few steps that take place.


Dreamscapes Pools and SpasThis step includes discussing the details and finalizing the design. Meet your project manager and securing the permits. Ensuring the site is prepared according to the specifications.


This is where the magic begins. Our experienced artisans go to work laying out your new swimming pool. This may entail removing any trees, bushes, or fences.

Initial Plumbing Begins

Plumbing begins, this includes laying pipes for the drains, filters, solar system, and the in-floor cleaning system.


The steel reinforced framework, grounding of the shell and equipment are installed.

Concrete Shell

Finally, the application of the gunite or concrete by skilled craftsman takes place. All the features, such as the deep end, benches, and islands are formed. It is fun to watch our pool take shape.

Getting Ready for the Deck

We are on the home stretch now! Removing the wood forms and level the ground where the deck is planned.

Plumbing is Finished

Setting all the equipment in its proper place and completing the plumbing.

Electrical is Finished

All the control systems, lighting, special features, and switches are connected.

Tile is Installed

The perimeter of the pool is adorned with tile. Skimmers are also put into place.

The Deck is Installed

Whether it is natural stone, steamed concrete or pavers, they are installed to form the deck.

The Interior Finish is Applied

The interior of the pool is hand troughed and waterproofed. There are many finishes on the market today, tinted plaster, natural beauty of pebbles, the sparkle of glass beads, crushed quartz, and many more. Whichever one you choose, it is applied at this time.

Open Your New Pool

It’s Time! After we explain how everything works and answer any questions you may have then it is time to enjoy! Jump in, grab a float, and a cool drink, your backyard oasis is now a reality!